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Who Are Our Facilitators?

Robert Israel, BA, MA, formerly owned a men's clothing chain in Pennsylvania, and also was a business school teacher. He taught the popular mixed bag.

Joel Ivers is a retired corporate executive and media junky.

Tony LaDuca, has a P.H.D in Secondary Education.  He has been a facilitator of Socrates Cafe with ILIR.

Dr. Stanley Feldstein, D.D.S. is a retired dentist with special interest in the physical sciences.

Dr. Ronald Feinman , is a retired FAU history professor.

Rabbi Barry Silver, is the spiritual leader of L'Dor Va-Dor in Boynton Beach.

Joy Frost taught middle school English, and a poetry course at the Delray Beach Library. 

Richard Rosen, Actor, Director and Producer.

Jacobo Goldstein, has reported national and international news for 40 years: half of them as CNN radio correspondent to the White House, covering the administrations of four presidents.

Geoffrey Kashdan, is a retired educator who believes that education is recreation.

Stan Newman is editor of the Long Island Newsday puzzle section, and winner of many worldwide competitions.

Susan LaDuca, Ph.D has taught at ILIR on various subjects.

Fritz Aufdencamp loves Ukulele.  He teaches classes in Delray and Boca Raton.

If you would like to facilitate a class or have an idea for a class, please e-mail ILIR at learning@iliretirement.org