Thursdays, 9:45-11:00

ANALYZING THE NEWS with Jacobo Goldstein

He will give us the inside scoop on politicians and fellow correspondents during his Washington years from the Carter through the Bush administrations. 


Learn and practice freewriting and the different stages and activities of the natural writing process, how to overcome writer’s block, tap into your creativity and ideas, and silence your inner critic so you can say what you want to say. Bring your favorite pen and a writing pad. 

Thursdays, 11:15- 12:30

MIND ODYSSEYS with Geoffrey Kashdan

​​Geoffrey Kashdan believes that education can also be recreation. Similar in sophistication to the Discovery and History channels, these talks are presented with visuals, sometimes accompanied by short video clips. Your body sits while your mind goes on a fascinating trip. 

Thursdays, 1:00-2:15


The ancient Greek philosophers were the great questioners. Aristotle's Bistro continues the tradition by inviting questioning of our ethical views and those of others in an atmosphere of respectful inquiry. Tony LaDuca has led these ILIR classes for several years. He will facilitate formulating guiding questions and discussions. "Philosophers" of all persuasions are welcome.


This course  will investigate Buddhism as taught by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We will take a practical approach to the age-old question: How can we achieve happiness and peace? The Dalai Lama has an interest in contemporary science and has exchanged information with prominent psychologists, neurobiologists, and behaviorists. We will refer to these disciplines to better understand our quest. We will learn about meditation as a way of bringing harmony to the mind and body.

Fridays, 1:05-2:20

THE FILM CLUB with Susan & Tony La Duca

Participants will discuss their reactions to recommended American and foreign film. Emphasis will be on psychological and relational features of the narrative. You can attend class and go straight to the theatre.



21346 St. Andrews Blvd.  #142

Boca Raton, Fl  33433

(561) 883-0999

2017 FALL

Mondays, 9:45-11:00

CURRENT EVENTS with  Joel Ivers and Bob Israel
Read the papers, watch the news, check the blogs, and be ready to discuss news of the week in a lively atmosphere. And, there is always plenty of it! Facilitators from both sides of the aisle will lead you in an informative and vibrant discussion.

Guidance and instruction on how to express what you want to say and how to say it on paper. Participants will share their writing and offer constructive feedback. Helpful if you can use a word processor, send email, and are willing to share your work. Enrollment limited to 15 students.

Mondays, 11:15-12:30


10/16    Lower Back Pain & Sciatica with Ronny Varga, physical therapy specialist

10/23    Mindful Living – Making Choices for Improving Physical & Mental Health with Dr. Cynthia Clayton

10/30    Dietary Confusion – Fear of Eating the Wrong Food and the Commercialization of Our Diet with Dr. Cynthia Clayton

  11/6    Music as Medicine with Howard Sherman, board certified music therapist

11/13    Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop with Ronny Varga, physical therapy specialist 

11/27   Yoga for the Face with Anya Castellano, RYT, certified in Yoga for the Face

  12/4   What is Hypnosis and What Can it Help With?  Stories From the Subconscious Mind 
​              with Shirly Gilad, certified clinical hypnotherapist 

 12/11  Government in Action with Jayne Chapman from the office of Congressman Ted Deutch

THE JOY OF POETRY with Bari Attis and Nan Ganyard

Participants will read and discuss selected poems from the early modern writers to those of the 21st century. Emphasis will be on reading aloud, discussing the poems and poetic elements, and most of all finding joy in the words of a variety of poets. 

Mondays, 1:00-2:15

THE THREE FOUNDERS OF ISRAEL with Rabbi Mordecai Schreiber
Israel did not just happen. Three men made it happen. Their names were David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, and Avraham Stern. 
To know them is to know what Israel is all about. 

10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13.    VALUE CLARIFICATION with Paula Chalef and Marie Gabrielson        

Facilitators will present scenarios with numerous strategies for analyzing values through active participation without teaching a particular moral viewpoint.

11/27, 12/4, 12/11.   CONSTRUCTION OF A GENOGRAM: A FAMILY HISTORY with Susan LaDuca 

Participants will learn how to construct a written genogram by looking at family history, traits, traditions and legacies passed down through the generations. The focus is on inter-generational family loyalty. By session’s end, students will have constructed their own genogram and will have gained a richer understanding of who they are and where they came from. 

Mondays, 2:30-4:00


Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Science professors present a series on science and environment to encourage participants to expand their knowledge and interest in science.

10/16    What is Science? with Ata Sarajedini, Dean 

10/23    From Concept to Capsule: A tour of the Prescription Drug Discovery Process with Salvatore Lepore 

10/30    Complexities: Weather vs Brain with Emmanuelle Tognoli

  11/6    The Impact of the Environment on Sea Turtles with Jeanette Wyneken

11/13    Sharks are Snowbirds Too; Blacktip Shark Migration in Southeast Florida with Stephen Kajiura 

11/27    What has Modern Genetics added to our Understanding of Darwinian Evolution? with Colin Hughes 

  12/4     Self-Driving Cars with William Hahn 
​12/11    Wading Birds in the Everglades: Cream Skimmers and Crumb Pickers with Dale Gawlik ​

Wednesday, 11:15-12:30


10/18 History of Jazz with Chris LaBarbera, Professional Trumpeter and vocalist 

10/25 The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra with Conductor Lorraine Marks-Field
11/1 The Morikami Legacy with Diane Carter, Morikami Ambassador

​11/8 The Book Arts Roadshow with John Cutrone, Director, Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University Library
11/15 What's it Worth? with John Gabrielson
11/29 The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher with Geoffrey Kashdan
12/6 What Makes Music Jewish? with Michael Isaacson, Composer, Conductor, Producer
12/13 Art Deco of the Palm Beaches with Sharon Koskoff, The Art Deco Society of the Palm BeachesType your paragraph here.